AJ (University of Rhode Island)

Being a part of Sojourn was really the beginning of, and the catalyst to my, journey as a Christian. Since joining Sojourn, I was baptized, had the opportunity to baptize someone, and I am continuing to live a life attempting to glorify God in my day-to-day activities. Currently, I work in the sporting goods industry, and everyday can be a challenge as a Christian. However, challenges are opportunities in disguise, and we are called to be light in the world. There have been many times that I have been able to share my faith, in personal settings, with my co-workers. I have never had someone that was not receptive to what I had to say, and I think Sojourn prepared me for that. There are many stages to becoming a Christian, and Sojourn has prepared me to meet people at their specific stage in that journey, wherever that may be. I hope that God continues to use me as He sees fit, and I hope Sojourn continues to help students wherever they are in their journey.