Genesis (Rhode Island College)

I grew up in the church. Unlike a lot of the students that Sojourn serves, I already had a relationship with God. While at Sojourn, I learned a lot more about God and justice. I always loved to serve but didn’t know exactly how. Through Sojourn, I was able to work with people and help in whatever way I could. 

Though I graduated from RIC in 2017, the lessons I learned through Sojourn have followed me into my law school journey. I’ve learned to have conversations with people. To get to know others. To build on what they know and not to judge them.

Even from a distance (attending Columbia Law in New York City), I’m still involved with Sojourn. I get to attend the alternative spring break trip to Mexico every year and continuing to strengthen my relationships with students and the kids we serve. 

Because of Sojourn, and it introducing me to ways in which to serve others, I have continued seeking out opportunities to serve.