Garrett and Emily (Res10 Training Program)

G&E Baptism.jpg

Post grad, post Sojourn has been a whirlwind. A tiny part of me believed that since I was no longer a part of an official ministry, certain opportunities might never happen again. For example, as a student and staff member with Sojourn I got the high honor of being able to baptize some of my closest friends. I got to play a special part in a big life decision to follow Jesus. I have been praying that God would continue to use me, and my wife, in ways that draw people closer to the kingdom. There was a sense of fear that our newly married life would limit our opportunity to be used in such ways. However, this last month, on June 27th, Emily and I got to baptize one of our closest friends Jess. Jess’ decision to do this was the product of months of hard and honest conversations back and forth. The coolest part perhaps, was noting that God used Emily and I in Jess’ life in very different, but very specific ways. 

This experience was an answer to prays and it seemed to be God’s way of showing me that He will continue to do amazing things through us if we are willing to let him. God’s timing is so cool. Jess got baptized just two days before Emily and I got married. Additionally, a new friend, and new member of our local home group, Andy, also got baptized that day. He made that life changing decision to follow Jesus and let me be there to dunk him too. I know that baptisms aren’t the most important thing. But to me, it is a signpost that signals how God is using me to bring heaven to earth, and how committed I am to serving people. Sojourn or not, this experience has reminded me exactly what Sojourn has always taught; God’s dream is that we allow Him to dwell in us, among us, and through us.